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Service and Repairs

Our service department is on-site and Joyce, the store owner is a BERNINA certified and trained technician with over 30 years of experience. Joyce is available for service and repair.

At BERNINA Store, we want your sewing, embroidery, and/or serger machines to be in tip-top working condition. We encourage you to have your machine tuned up at least once a year.


When bringing your sewing machine in for service, please bring the following with you:

  • Bring the machine, foot control power cord, bobbin and bobbin case.
  • Bring your 1 or 1C foot.
  • Bring your Buttonhole foot (#3). If your machine came with an Automatic Buttonhole foot (the long black one), bring that one instead of the short one.
  • If your machine came with a #40 foot, bring it.
  • If your machine has dual feed, bring the 1D foot.
  • If you are bringing in the embroidery unit, bring the embroidery foot that came with your machine (#15 or #26) and the embroidery bobbin case with a bobbin loaded with your bobbin thread.
  • If you are bringing in the embroidery unit, bring your large oval hoop. It is also helpful to us if you have a piece of fabric and stabilizer pre-hooped & ready to go.
  • Make sure the standard needle plate is on the machine.
  • If your machine has visual issues, please bring in a sample.
  • We do not need anything else, including the carrying case. We will send the any accessories not needed home with you.


When bringing in your serger for service, please include the following items:

  • Bring the machine, foot control and power cord.
  • Bring your all purpose foot and stitch plate.
  • Bring the machine with the cone silencers.
  • If the machine has visual issues, please bring a sample.
  • If the issue is with the cover stitch or the chain stitch, we will need those plates and feet, along with a sample.
  • We will send any accessories not needed home with you, such as the carrying case.

Tips from the Tech...

  • Surge protectors….a MUST for all computerized machines. 1000 joules is recommended protection.
  • Please, Please DO NOT SEW OVER PINS!!! You risk breaking a needle which could injure you and damage your machine. If you do break a needle, please be sure to find and remove all the pieces.
  • Oil your machine and change the needle after every 3-4 hours of sewing. Oil your machine at least weekly. Please discard dull or damaged needles.
  • In the event your fabric is pulled down into your throat plate and the machine jams, TURN OFF YOUR MACHINE and remove the needle from the needle bar. DO NOT USE THE HAND WHEEL to pry the needle out. This could affect the timing on your machine or damage the hook in the machine.
  • Remember to remove the throat plate and clean the lint from the feed dogs and bobbin case area after each project. And please DO NOT USE canned air duster to clean out the hook area of your machine. It may move lint farther into the machine, and may also fly up and damage the computer boards.
  • When cleaning the computer screen, never use abrasives on your touch screen. Use a mild cleaning agent such as 409 sprayed onto a soft cloth. Never use acetone or mineral oil to clean your screen.