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BERNINA 7 Series

Bernina 790 Plus

The BERNINA 790 Plus is the finest for sewing and embroidery. The B 790 Plus is enriched with exciting embroidery features like Pinpoint Placement, Enhanced Editing Functions, Total Embroidery Stitch Control and much more. The B 790 Plus offers a full 13-inch extended freearm including ten inches of space to the right of the needle. Enjoy a large sewing and embroidery area. 
Bernina 770 QE Tula Pink Special Edition

For American quilt artist Tula Pink, the BERNINA 770 QE is something very special: “Next to my passion for my designs, I’m equally passionate about BERNINA. The BERNINA 770 QE gives me the space I need for quilting, plus the Stitch Regulator can’t be beat for even stitches.”
Bernina 770 QE

The BERNINA 770 QE is perfect for Sewists, Quilters & Embroiderers! The B770 QE handles large quilts with ease, creates precise and perfect stitches, includes the Patchwork foot 97D, and is Embroidery capable.
Bernina 740

The BERNINA 740 stands out due to its perfect stitch quality, stitch width of 9mm and an extra-long free-arm. It is particularly suitable for sewing tasks requiring precision because it has the built-in BERNINA Dual Feed.
Bernina 720

The BERNINA 720 makes sewing dreams come true! The BERNINA 720 won Swiss designer Mathias Ackermann right from the start: "Features such as the threader and the BERNINA Stitch Regulator thrill me to bits. What's more, its versatility inspires me with new ideas, and its user-friendliness is simply brilliant. It also sews the finest fabrics, effortlessly."
Bernina 700

BERNINA's first embroidery only machine offers even more features and options for embroidery lovers.  For example, accurately place designs with Pinpoint Placement, a great new feature for easy positioning and alignment.  The B 700 works only with the embroidery module and is the perfect companion as an embroidery only machine.